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yeah we have been making Acrylic LED Signs and they are turning out nice. Dont Know how to post pictures

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Click this button (highlighted in the photo below) in the field that pops up when you click reply and you can upload photos :slight_smile:

ok thank you i will try that

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cant seem to get into my pictures

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Hum, well you can also drag and drop photos into the text field.

so does your GF cut through the metal

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I have moved this out of Problems and Support as we can only discuss settings for non Proofgrade materials in the Beyond the Manual section of the forum.

A search of the forum turned up this thread. Rowmark acrylic - #4 by brokendrum

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No, it is just etching the top of the aluminum plate. I order the plates from Online Metal or naptags:

Glowforge does not cut or engrave metal. It is not powerful enough. It can only mark metal if appropriate chemicals are used (cermark for one, find others in a search) or if the metal is anodized or painted it can remove the coating.


can you order them in certain sizes

I always feel bad not asking if the poster wants it moved before moving it.

Yup! Both those links should take you to the pages and you can select the size you want or request a custom size on online metal.

im new at this so i dont know the difference,

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No problem. Posting in Problems and Support opens a support ticket for Glowforge personnel to address. This clearly is not something that they can discuss.

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ok i appreciate all the help from everyone so i will try and see if ican get my project done.

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so what should i put next time

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Click on the category names and there is an explanation of what the category is for. Anything related to non Proofgrade materials goes in Beyond the Manual. When you need help because your machine is not functioning properly post in Problems and Support. Everything Else is a catch all.

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ok cool thank you


This is a link to two threads I bookmarked for settings for 2-color plastics. I think they are both for 1/16th" thick. Both sets of settings work well. I would suggest reading through the entire threads since they post updates and pictures and refinements along the way.

I’ve made a lot of items with settings from both threads.


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