Trouble opening SVG file saved from silhouette

I upgraded to silhouette business created a mandala saved as svg - go to glowforge upload image and there is no image i tried to open it in inscape no image can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong im soooooo frustrated !!

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I have been able been able to successfully use SVGs from Silhouette business edition. It did bug me that I have to pay $50 to get the file format.

Is it pure vectors or did you use patterns and other Silhouette specific fuctionality.

You are able to open the file? Just doesn’t show anything? Have you tried selecting everything with Ctrl + A or whatever a Mac version if that is your flavor and make sure that it isn’t off the art board. Zoom way out. That has been an issue.

Does the file SVG indicate that it has info in it by the file size?

Maybe a mask or clip path has been added.

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thanks for replying. I had an image of an easy mandala i was able to trace it simplify then i put words around it. made the words a path simplified that too then i grouped them outline in red inside blue saved as SVG. im able to open it in inkscape but when i upload in GF it sits saying uploading for a long time. i gave up

We also had trouble with getting the Business Edition of the Silhouette created SVG files into the Glowforge interface when we were testing the Snapmarks.

There is a converter for .Studio files though that will let you open them in the interface if you don’t have success finding the problem.


thanks ill try that

i looked at the file and the one i created in silhouette is huge not sure why i opened it in silhouette and it crashed the app. i deleted my creation start over ugghhhhhh

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One thing that you need to be careful of with SVG files is specifying what the import and export DPI is. Helps to set both to 96 DPI and adjust the size inside the program. At a minimum, the export DPI should be set to 96 ppi. (And unfortunately, I don’t have Business Edition to tell you where to do that… @marmak3261 might be able to tell you.)

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thanks ill look and see if i can find… it it seems thats all i seem to do these days searching searching searching im currently learning inkscape and gimp i hate gimp but determined to learn it. ugghhh

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Right there with you. It can be very useful though so I keep plugging away.

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Thanks for the help on this thread, everyone. Unfortunately, our team doesn’t have expertise in Silhouette, but it looks like there are some good tips here. If you’re still having trouble, we’d be glad to take a closer look at the file using Inkscape. Could you share the file here (preferably saved in a .zip)? If you’d rather not post the file here, I understand - you can also email it to us at Thanks!

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