Trouble properly installing inkscape

So I followed all of the instructions for installing inkscape but I think I missed something. I don’t think I was properly able to move it to ‘applications’ because I don’t see it there. Need help!

Glowforge doesn’t make Inkscape, so this isn’t exactly a problem and support thing, more an “everything else” thing.

That being said, you probably need to provide a bit more info. What OS are you using? What instructions were you following? What if anything seemed to go wrong or right? You have to provide a lot more info than you have so far, but I bet one of us can help. We’re a curious bunch.

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Software installs are beyond the scope of GF Support, but quite a few folks use it. It would be helpful to know what version you’re attempting to install and on what OS. Sounds like macOS. You’ll need to install and configure Xquartz first, then run the installer for Inkscape.

I followed the glowforge set up and part of it was the install of Xquarts and then Inkscape. And I do have macOS. I installed Xquarts first, as instructed, and I rant the installer for inkscape. Once it came to the part where it said something like point the arrow from inkscape to applications, that’s it started getting confusing. There was already an arrow pointing to applications but nothing was happening. So I clicked on applications and then it just showed all of the apps. Was I suppose to do something else? Should I just delete everything and try to start over?

My guess is that when you see an explorer window with an Inkscape icon and an arrow pointing at an applications icon, you were supposed to drag the Inkscape icon and drop it on the Applications icon.

wow. I just did it and it worked. I feel soooo stupid. Thank you so much! Much appreciated.

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Thanks for the answers everyone. I’m glad it was resolved.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have any more questions, feel free to post a new topic!