Trouble with cleaning

Hi I was cleaning the lens, and all was good until I noticed the magnet to the casing on the opposite end came off, leaving this behind… (pic)
I have tried to get it back in, but must be doing it wrong because I can’t secure the lens back into place…
This is my first time, so I’m afraid to do anything too aggressive to get it put back into place lol!

I am not really sure what you are showing in the picture. It is very small (plus, I have OLD eyes!)
The top of the print head does come off. I see the mirror with the blue handle.
What part exactly are you talking about as far as the magnet?


Yes I need help putting the mirror with the blue handle back in…
I guess by magnet I meant the lid that is over that-the print head- is magnetic and came off.

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Sorry I’m not using the right terminology! Hopefully that made sense now?

Oh Gosh, I figured it out. Thanks anyway!

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You are showing the mirror - not the lens. I am glad you figured this out. Please refer to this:

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Just make sure it is inserted MIRROR 1st, with the blue handle showing.


Yes I was cleaning the lens when the opposite end with the mirror came off.
I guess I didn’t use the right words, sorry. Thanks for being willing to help!

Any time the lens is dirty, the mirror probably is too. You should clean all 7 optical bits with your Zeiss wipe each time you clean.


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