Trouble with "Support"?


So, I have had my Glowforge since November. About 2 and a half weeks ago, it just stopped working. It was saying that it could not get an image. So, I followed the given instructions and ordered a replacement part. That didn’t fix it… I contacted support. They told me to do what they want you to do for every issue you have… Clean it and send pics. So, I did. A few times. They decided it was an issue I couldn’t fix here so they sent me a “refurbished” Glowforge to replace mine. Mind you, this is all coming up on Teacher’s Appreciation and Mother’s Day gift season. I have hundreds of dollars in orders to fulfill and my machine isn’t working. I wait and I receive my “refurbished” Glowforge the following week. I take it out and set it up with care and repackage mine. When I go to print the good measure on the bottom right corner of my material… nothing… At all. So I move it to the top… Nothing… at all. I move it to the left. PERFECT. So then I start a job that covers a whole board. 4.8 inches from the left side it starts to slowly fade and stop cutting. So, I contact support again. And they ask for cleaning and pics… Again. To which I send them back. Now, they have stopped responding to my emails and of course you can never get anyone on the phone. I am able to use literally 1/3 of my print bed and that is it… At this point, I just want to send both machines back for a refund and buy a cheaper machine that will actually work.

Have any of you had similar issues? I keep looking up issues and they’ve been “closed and taken to email” by support. That is NOT helpful to those of us having the same issues… I don’t know what to do but I am angry and frustrated. I have missed out now on over $1000 in sales and I’m still paying the stupid $50 a month for premium that I cant even use.

Can anyone help me with what I should do next?

The only thing to do is contact support. It sounds like the mirror/lens/window alignment was knocked out in shipping and you will probably have to get another machine.


This also seems like a good time to find a back-up for your business. Either another person with a laser who you can sub-lease your designs to - or a laser you can rent in your area. No business should rely solely on a single item, because failures are always going to happen.

Likely the reason you haven’t heard back is that they’re finding out if another replacement is available. They don’t tend to have a lot of back stock, and they also don’t tend to touch base if they’ve got nothing new to say.


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