Trying out ear rings


The leaves are back, and PETG is super easy on the Glowforge.

For those interested, I painted stained glass paint and then etched it away with three passes at 12% full speed. Cutting is 500/Full Power for .02" thickness.


That is a really cool technique! Thanks for sharing.


Ooh, yes, I like that a lot. Nice translucence! :grinning:


Nice! is that the lighting or are they curved?


Your earrings are stunningly! Appreciate the settings and technique!


They are flat in this example. Though I do intend to experiment with more 3d – PETG is a thermoplastic designed to be shaped at higher temperatures and then hold it when it cools down (it’s one of the most common materials used in vacuum forming.)

So I may try forming it around jigs with a hair dryer at some point.


Great idea! Those earrings look fantastic!!