Trying really hard to love my glowforge

its now almost been a year since ive had my glowforge.

when it first arrived i notifed customer support that there was water stains in the box and inside the machine on the glass there was spilled water like resindue

lets starts with recently…

ever since from day one i managed to figur out how to engrave and score and has been working really well…im very secessful when it comes to those 2 things.
BUT from day one ive always had issues with CUTS
no matter if its a glowforge proof material or not.
i could never get my cuts through all the way.

i contacted support in the past. ive done everything they told me to do.
from resetting the system to sending the the time stamps and date and hour of when the projects was made and done, to doing a sample test for them with the gf logo being printed on the whole proofgrade material to literally everyday…

i was very very excited when i first saw the glowforge for the first time that i didnt hesitate and ordered me a glowforge pro…looking foward to letting my creative side to come out…

all i can say is its so upsetting and disappointing to invest so much money into a machine and taking the time to learn about it and to perfect it when ur machine isnt properly working… i contacted customer support to many times asking for help, asking for an exchange of the machine. just over all asking for help. and till today i never got the help…

i used a glowforge material to do a cut and of course it never fully cut thru. i used there setting. i used there material. i used push down pins i even been paying past 4 months for the preimium service

so i wouldnt have any issues and for once it would come out as its suppose to and of course i was dissapointed in the end as i have been. there a was even a period of time where i just gave up and stipped using the machine cause it was always this same issue. and now that im willing to give it another try and its still the same problem

One thing I notice you haven’t mentioned is cleaning the optics and the air assist fan…those are crucial for keeping your laser cutting through. If you’ve missed just one place that needs cleaning (like the window in the left side of the machine, for example), it will negatively affect your cuts.


Are you certain you’re using the actual PG setting? I noticed your screenshot saysyou’ve selected Draftboard but it shows manual settings. If you were using the actusl PG setting it would show “cut” instead of “183/full”.


Compared to the sticker those look like wide marks for 183. Maybe Upside down lens?

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Hello There,

I’m so very sorry to hear that you’re experiencing these cut through issues with your machine. I’ll be happy to help you get this trouble sorted out.

I’m also sorry to hear that your expectations may not have been met when reaching out to us for assistance with previous machine troubles.

That said I’ve created a new email trouble ticket to address your current machine issues with. A trouble ticket will be a better platform to resolve your issue from. So going forward, I’m going to close this topic and work on your issue from there.

So be on the look out for a separate email containing the same subject line of “Trying really hard to love my glowforge”.

As an FYI, Please check within any SPAM folders or INBOX filters to ensure nothing is being blocked by mistake. Thank you.

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