Trying to Contact Support

Does anybody else have problems with trying to communicate with support? I received my Glowforge on Tuesday; however, it was received damaged. I contacted support the same day and received a message back the next day with how to proceed. I was told I would receive a shipping label to send the Glowforge back as well as information and a tracking number to receive a new GF right away. It has now been 2 business days since I was told this, and I haven’t heard a word back or received any new information. I am sitting here with a broken GF, can’t do anything, and my first payment is due this week. I am getting extremely frustrated with the process and am starting to wonder if this was a bad idea. I have contacted back through email, FB, and even chat, and no one is responding. I don’t appreciate being left in the dark with a broken and VERY EXPENSIVE item.

It can take a few business days depending on the issue. Shipping info on a replacement machine will depend on when one is available to send out - they’re not sitting on shelves waiting, they are being sold faster than they are being assembled.

Posting here opens another support ticket, so they’ll likely close this thread and continue to work via email.

All you can do is wait.

I completely understand that, but I would appreciate it even more if they tell me how long the process should take and not ignore my emails. It just makes me extremely nervous with how expensive this machine is, and I don’t even know what is happening with no updates.

They provide information when they have it to provide.

Support does not know when machines are ready to ship. They are assembled and shipped from another company contracted to build them. To the best of my knowledge the labels for returns are generated by a different company contracted for repairs.

It sucks the lines of communication are not better. I’m not defending it, just setting expectations based on what we see here. Two days is not much, relatively speaking.

I don’t think there is anything to be nervous about myself, but I can understand the stresses involved with a purchase like this. Glowofrge has a ton of satisfied customers and have always done everything they can to make things right when I’ve had an issue.

Not sure if when you email them you are replying to the original email or not. but if not just be aware that it will open a new support ticket on the issue and same with posting here in P&S. It tends to slow the whole process down as they have to combine and close duplicate tickets.


I have been on the forum a long time.

Glowforge has never satisfied anyone with their speed or communications, but they have also never screwed anyone who had a legit delivery or warranty problem. Hang tight, it will work out.


I’m so sorry for the long wait! I see that we followed up with your shipping labels on Friday, and we’re working on getting your new Glowforge out to you as quickly as we can. I don’t have your tracking information available right now, but we’ll reach out with your shipping notification as soon as we have it available.

We aim to make the replacement process and quick and painless as possible. I’m truly sorry that wasn’t the case here. I’m going to close this thread since we’re working on this by email. Thank you for your patience while we sort this out.