Trying to engrave on the white space of the image

Hi! Does anyone have an idea of how I would go about engraving on this image. The problem is that I want to engrave on the white lines, not the black space but I believe my glowforge is reading the image where it is engraving on the black parts.

I think that you need to reverse out the image: make what’s black- white and what is white- black. You will also need to create some type of border around the image to contain it. (Once you reverse it out, the whole white background will become black and want to engrave.) Do you have Illustrator or Photoshop?

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Yes, I’m using Inkscape

Sorry, misread your question. While I am currently using Inkscape, I do have Illustrator. Are you familiar with how to reverse an image in Illustrator.

Yes. But, I’m an absolute newbie to this forum, so I’m not certain this is kosher. I made 2 versions for you. Not certain either is what you want. (Just don’t hold me responsible if you use it, and don’t like it.)

FYI: I would be cautious about sharing images if you paid for licensing. I’ll delete the one I downloaded. I would want you to run into any sharing issues with regards to a license. (Adobe or Getty would be unhappy.)

Image_revised.pdf (543.8 KB)

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No worries! Thanks for doing this! I cut the image in half (this was my way of trying not to post the entire pic but still provide something for reference) but you are right! Thanks so much for the advice. Definitely will keep that in mind before posting next time

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I liked the full image so much more. Cool!

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