Trying to find some bar/cocktail glass silhouettes


I am having a impossible time of finding just basic sillohets of bar glasses

shutterstock is high jacking every single one of my google searches

#2 may be a good source for a cheap solution.


ya try for free :frowning:


Edit----not free, but can be very inexpensive depending on use and if the sheet has more than 1 image.


You can use the site: command on a hole search to also exclude a site. Add a - before it:


ya I added like 10 to subtract out and still more pay sites, no blogs no random stuff just all those picture aggregator sites that are insane


Pinterest seems to hijack all the image searches these days.


Someone should make a start-up to write code to do searches for images that aren’t hosted by pay sites…that kinda seems familiar…only for tech and pricing. :smile:


I made a whole series of them in 3D for sale on Kitely. The beer and Champagne glasses even have bubbles!

They were not that difficult


just silhouettes? i would go with


bar glasses (13.2 KB)


I subscribed to the Noun Project and I love it!


try for some basic shapes.




Here are some svg of cocktail glasses. I think I have some other styles with more detail (more like line art, but still svg) Let me know if these are not the style you’re looking for.





awesome post and thank you