Trying to help someone trouble shoot thier GlowForge

This is the 3rd replacement laser that they have received over the last 3 months. They all seem to be having a simpler problem of not being focused properly. The last 2 would cut through on the left but not the right. This latest one wont cut through on either side and wont even cut the paper on the right side. Has anyone else had this issues or have any suggestions on how to fix/trouble shoot the problem? Sadly GlowForge is being of little to no help with the issues.


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There’s no troubleshooting for this. A mirror in the laser arm has come out of alignment during shipping, and there’s no user access to that mirror to service it at home. It can happen when UPS/FedEx are overly rough with the box – dropping it off the back of a truck for example. It will need to be replaced by the company again.


Thank you for the information!

I might suggest your friend pick up their laser at the nearest depot rather than having whomever has been doing the door-to-door ever touch their machine again!

Mine was leaning against a wall on the left side of the box when I picked it up from my UPS Depot (which is 15 miles away…)

It was only a couple of years later I discovered stains from the leaked coolant, while removing my broken exhaust fan.

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