Trying to set up my Glowforge the first time and ..... nothing but an orange glowing button

Hi. I hope someone can halp me out.

I got my glowforge (finally) and don’t want to wait for support to email me back… hoping someone has an answer…

I was going through the set up and got to the point where I powered it up and the button was glowing purple and it was broadcasting a wifi signal. I got my ipad to connect to the glowforge, but couldn’t get past the next step of connecting the glowforge to my home network/wifi.

I tried over and over again and it simply wouldn’t connect. Every time I tried to connect the glowforge to my home network/wifi it would try for a while and only give me a message saying there was a problem and to either retry of to contact support.

I powered the whole thing down and tried again. Now all I get is an orange light from the button and now the glowforge won’t broadcast a wifi signal so I can get my ipad connected to it. I powered down the glowforge and went through the whole set up online again and all it gave me is an orange light and no wifi.

Help please!!!

Try this:


I’ve looked at the logs for your Glowforge. It looks like you did get online successfully, so now I have a couple of questions. Would you please:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in
  3. Click on any design
  4. Look at the upper right hand corner underneath the name of your Glowforge – what does it say? Depending on the message, you might be able to start printing, or you might need to take a different step.

Is it warm in the room that you’re in?

Your Glowforge Pro features a closed-loop liquid cooling system that uses the air from the room to remove heat. It’s boosted by a solid-state thermoelectric cooler that allows for heavier use at higher ambient temperatures than the Basic. It is designed to print in an operating environment between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 81 degrees Fahrenheit (27 Celsius). Printing outside these ranges may cause your unit to pause before starting, or to pause periodically during the print for cooling. This isn’t harmful, but it can make your print take a little longer.

You can try any of these things to improve warm-weather performance:

  • Try printing with no material on the bed (so as not to generate smoke and fumes) and no exhaust hose attached. If this works, then the problem may be that your exhaust hose is constricting the flow of air out of the unit, preventing cooling.
  • Examine the bottom-right side of your Glowforge. There are air intake vents, and if they become obstructed, it could make cooling less effective.
  • Try pointing a fan at the right side of your Glowforge. If there is warm air around the intake, this could help it cool off.
  • Power off your Glowforge and allow it to cool, then power it on and print immediately. When it sits idle, the fans are off, so heat can build up.
  • Just wait. Your print may take a little longer when it’s warm, but your Glowforge will protect itself and make sure it cools enough to prevent any loss of power or damage. And it’s clever enough to pick up from exactly where it left off, even if it loses Wi-Fi during the print!

Totally helped - got the teal light.



Is this still possible,@Rita? I have had my material misplaced before where the scan missed the material and it gave me a height error?

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Yes, that’s possible!

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@grahamaini - is your unit working now? If not, would you let me know what’s happening so that we can help further?

Its good now - thank you!

Great! I’m happy to hear it.

I just had this happen last night after powering everything down and using a Zeiss wipe on all of the optics. Turned it back on, orange light. Came down this morning determined to figure out what was up and I noticed that the ribbon cable going to the print head was not fully pushed in. Turned the unit off, pushed in the cable, turned it on and everything is back to normal.