Tube Life - Cut vs Engrave - Time to engrave is lots!

Having seen a few engraves go past now which all seem to be measured in ten’s of minutes, should I be concerned about 500 hours of tube life?

500 hours at 30 minutes an engraved object would be 1,000 engraves, which seems quite short. Whereas 500 hours at 2 minutes for a cut is 15,000 objects!!

Does engraving use more or less tube life per minute?

Am I being unduly worried?

Should I just accept 1,000 items per tube?


Hmmmm…good question.


500 hours isn’t correct (or even close). Tubes are rated in the many thousands of hours of life.

You will see similar lifespan with both cutting and engraving - we estimate 2 years with medium-use (basic) or heavy use (pro).


That’s something I’m not worried about, tube will last what it has to last (a couple of years at least). It is like to have a Dodge Challenger and being worried about fuel consumption. :yum:


Also engraving is at a much lower power 1 to 5% is what I have been using and that makes a difference from what I read.

I’d go through the tube replacement cost of bandsaw blades at the rate I break them in 2 years. It’s relative, I guess.


Thanks Dan, I’d forgotten to 2 years - not sure where I got 500 hours from;… Thanks for the correction.

In the meantime, is there some kind of measurement of the difference between cutting and engraving?

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$500 was the original estimated price of a new tube. I don’t believe there is final pricing on parts.