Tube or lens?

is tub done or lens ??? I wanted to take A GIFT to thanksgivening dinner and it noice is right the counter is going the head is moving but nothing is happenig. I am hoping it easy fix. it has done it before seen I got the unit but noramlly I stop the print restart and it fine. today nothing Please help

If this is happening during an engrave, check the file. If you have duplicate layers they cancel each other out. But try the Gift of Good Measure to see if it works.


Check your settings. Sometimes if the material isn’t recognized the power setting will change to 1, which won’t make a mark.

The other possibility is that you have duplicate cut lines in your file, and they will cancel each other out. The laser will still follow the path, but it won’t cut.

As @flossqueencathe said, try a known good file like the Gift of Good Measure. If that works, then check your settings and file on the one that isn’t working. You can upload your file here if you want some of us to take a look at it for you.


thanks for response,
I was trying passport gift
which cant get work.
but reset computer gf and changed to good measure and proof grade and it’s working. not sure which one it is but still wonder how you know how long leaser works how do know it burn out. I havent sold anything but been making or lots of mistakes learning. but I love my glowforge.

Have a wonder Thanksgiving


Been an average user of my laser for 2 years. I notice zero power loss. Very, very few problems posted here have been confirmed to be a tube power issue.


They expect it to last for at least a couple years of heavy use - someone said that equates to something like 10,000 hours of use. Nobody has had to replace their laser tube yet, we’ll hear about it when it finally happens!

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Yes, some have.


I remember some cracked tubes, a broken tube and a few units that have lost power and needed to be returned. There was one that said the company quoted them $300 for a new tube but it was unclear to me about whether the company had even received the machine before giving that quote. Not saying it wasn’t the tube, just that the post description wasn’t clear. Either way, the number of confirmed tube repairs is extraordinarily small.

Many of the few folks reporting tube problems are self diagnosing on a perceived loss of power. A flaky power supply or loose mirror further up the optic chain would give the same symptoms. The repair invoices aren’t providing that info.


Thanks again for helping out, @geek2nurse! Glad to see you’re back up and running @turkey6901. Hope you won’t hesitate to post here or send an email to while you learn - we love helping new Glowfolk.