Tube Replacement - For International Customers

I understand the following:

The Glowforge tube is custom made - it’s bigger than most desktop units (850mm) and has some modifications for longer lifetime and smaller spot size. It’s rated for 2 years, and the tube is covered under the warranty. Out of warranty, we’ll replace it and realign it for you for $499, including roundtrip shipping within the US. We’ll also have a replacement tube parts package available for purchase. Note that these are sold as spare parts only; the replacement tube parts package does not come with instructions.

Now that GF is shipping to Europe and other overseas locations, can you please provide an update on Tube replacement for international customers?

In particular, if we are forced to replace the tube with spare parts only, then how we will then sort out alignment and power calibration?

Does it mean we will have to pay for shipment back to the USA everytime a tube is replaced to ensure correct alignment and operation?

I just want to ensure that the GF does not become “disposable” in 2 years when it needs a replacement tube due to potential shipping costs back to/from the USA! :grinning:

Also, are you still planning to make Proofgrade material available for purchase internationally, as this was one of the key benefits of a GF? :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help.



This post might be interesting for you:

That quote continues on to offer some speculation about how calibration data might be reloaded on the server side.

I think we don’t know much more than that yet.

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Thanks for the reply.

The last posts on that thread were from March 2018, before international shipments had really started in the numbers that have gone out by now.

I am hoping that there has been some progress over the last 3 months given all the forges now with international customers…

We’re working on a solution where a field-replaced tube can be fully functional (doesn’t require round trip shipping to us, or else what’s the point :slight_smile: ). International PG is definitely underway.