Tube Replacement Policy - Are you still in? POLL

Plain and simple. In this month’s update we find out the GF laser tube requires factory replacement at your cost (assuming failure after warranty period). That is a HUGE investment specially for international makers.

Given this fact, VOTE![poll public=true]

  • I don’t mind. I’m still firm in my GF (pre)order!
  • WTF! I’m out! I’m cancelling in 3, 2, 1…
  • I give GF people xx days (TBD) to ammend this policy and make it user or local serviceable. After that, I’m out!

For people voting the “xx days” option, please VOTE the MAXIMUM you’d like to wait before GF addresses the issue.

This is a better poll than the other one.

I would wait another 30 days i think.


For the record. The wording here sucks.
I mind, but I’m still firm (for now).


oh jeez how many polls are we going to have? i’m pretty sure gf knows the base isn’t happy.


I agree. I absolutely mind, but it’s not going to make me cancel because I’m in the US and using it for personal use primarily. If I was international or using it for a business, it’d be another story.

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I can start another poll asking how many polls are too many polls :wink:


I’m so sorry I decieved you… I just found the other poll about this issue too confusing and long in answers to get a PROMPT action from GF asap.

But you’re welcome to start your own poll too! :smiley:

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sure but what makes you think they’re going to respond to a poll any more than any other forum post


Time will tell!

It seems THIS update is making people CANCELLING units faster than any other update before…

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Minor detail, but as of this post nobody has voted to cancel.

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The last thing I want to do is ship my laser. If they can certify me for replacement, Ill happily do it for myself and anyone in my area.


Thats why i found out the other poll confusing. It’s plain simple: Stay, Get out NOW or WAIT if it helps, then quit if not.

Yep considering the shipping costs and risk to product during shipment, this is a bit nuts. If gf covers shipping cost for life as well as shipment insurance maybe, but this is a huge hassle, I suspect though the shipping cost will be passed on to us at some point.


I mind a lot, since I spent my entire savings to buy this thing which was supposed to be user friendly and easy to maintain. Sending my Glowforge back for replacements at a cost of $500,- does not sound user friendly, nor easy to maintain to me. Besides that, who know’s how long it is going to take to send my Glowforge from the Netherlands to the US, let it be repaired, and send it back. I’m intending to start a business with this thing, having to pause my activities for a month or longer because my Glowforge brakes down and has to be shipped half across the world and back would be devastating! I’m willing to wait untill the very and to see if this dealbreaker get’s fixed, if not I will probably be out :frowning:


Poll galore!!!

This is basically the same as HP expecting me to ship my printer back to them every time it needs more ink. This part is known to need replacing with use - why on earth would you design a large, delicate, heavy unit in a way where it needs to be shipped to replace a small part that, again, is known to need replacing on a regular basis?


As long as there are no further shipping delays I guess I would wait until then (July)
Another delay or having to ship the whole unit are a dealbreaker.

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Delays are not the issue right now, but having to ship the whole unit to have the tube replaced.


There’s no poll answer for my own position: I am not sure what I am going to do.

I live in Seattle and am hoping they will allow for drop-off service. I’d be furious if I had to pay $500 in shipping fees to move the GF a few miles.