Tube Replacement Policy - Are you still in? POLL

Yep considering the shipping costs and risk to product during shipment, this is a bit nuts. If gf covers shipping cost for life as well as shipment insurance maybe, but this is a huge hassle, I suspect though the shipping cost will be passed on to us at some point.


I mind a lot, since I spent my entire savings to buy this thing which was supposed to be user friendly and easy to maintain. Sending my Glowforge back for replacements at a cost of $500,- does not sound user friendly, nor easy to maintain to me. Besides that, who know’s how long it is going to take to send my Glowforge from the Netherlands to the US, let it be repaired, and send it back. I’m intending to start a business with this thing, having to pause my activities for a month or longer because my Glowforge brakes down and has to be shipped half across the world and back would be devastating! I’m willing to wait untill the very and to see if this dealbreaker get’s fixed, if not I will probably be out :frowning:


Poll galore!!!

This is basically the same as HP expecting me to ship my printer back to them every time it needs more ink. This part is known to need replacing with use - why on earth would you design a large, delicate, heavy unit in a way where it needs to be shipped to replace a small part that, again, is known to need replacing on a regular basis?


As long as there are no further shipping delays I guess I would wait until then (July)
Another delay or having to ship the whole unit are a dealbreaker.

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Delays are not the issue right now, but having to ship the whole unit to have the tube replaced.


There’s no poll answer for my own position: I am not sure what I am going to do.

I live in Seattle and am hoping they will allow for drop-off service. I’d be furious if I had to pay $500 in shipping fees to move the GF a few miles.


I’d need to see a commitment to revert this within the next 24hours and before shipments before I cancel. Especially for international buyers.
I think the whole information release has been handled very poorly.

Drop off service would be nice. I live within an hour’s drive (+/-) of Seattle … though that’s of little or no help if service is based out of Milpitas. In either case, while shipping expenses and logistics could be a hassle, my greater concern is downtime.

My business is seasonal - fairly steady through the early part of the year, leading up to OMG non-stop in Q3 & 4. I make the majority of my income in that latter time period, and if a tube goes out and my machine is gone/out during that time (or the production time leading up to that) I’m screwed. Not just “inconvenienced”, my whole income for the year takes a serious hit.

This is also why I have a sense of urgency about hearing their solutions now and not 12 months from now. The July/Aug wait is already a huge stress … but if I have to cancel and go with an alternative, I really need to know sooner rather than later.

^ A whole lot of words for my unique situation, but that’s just it… we’ve all got unique situations, with different variables that drive our choices. Telling us to just hang in for a year or more while they figure this out is cavalier at best.


Yes – living in Seattle too, it would be much easier if drop-off service is allowed

Understood. However, in my opinion further delays are always an issue. My post was in response to my poll vote about giving them (XX) days to find a solution to the shipping entire unit issue. Granted that the (XX) days spent coming up with a solution doesn’t delay shipment further (which it very well could) I would be willing to wait. If either of the above mentioned occur (delay or not resolving the tube replacement) I would then cancel.

I mean i guess they could work something out, but i’d be pretty surprised if that was an option since they don’t ship from there and probably aren’t going to ever have anywhere near the bandwidth to handle that job.


So, for those of you making money from your Glowforge --> @dan would gladly sell you one from the ’ cancelled order stockpile’ :-1:to give you a backup come tube relacement time.

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This is maybe the main point in all this.


But would Glowforge HQ even be providing the service?

An apology and offer for an immediate refund will make it all better…

The refund part has been there since day 0.

Hilarious. :weary:

GF has spoken: Update to the update: We'll sell replacement tubes

Poll closed.

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