Tutorial - Batch Production With a Jig

Seems like you got the Friday afternoon model. I am surprised the haven’t replaced it. Perhaps it is a good sign that the production machines will be ready so soon as it isn’t worth replacing it now.


“Yeah, give that one to Takitus, he will probably fix it.”:disappointed_relieved:


I will be more than glad to lol. And I’ll document for everyone else how the tube replacement goes =)


Excellent idea! Video that action and hand it off to Dan for the lawyers to peruse.
Have you discerned the head tilt issue yet?


I did. The whole gantry is out of alignment and had the holes drilled into it incorrectly so the back wheels sit a tad bit lower than the front wheels causing the whole thing to lean forward a little.

To make things worse, it was 5 degrees off square between the x and y axes causing the back v-wheels to ride up on the top of the ridge increasing the angle of lean even more. I was able to straighten that out, but didn’t want to go through the necessary steps to fix the other issue, as it would require me taking the whole laser apart, and possibly redrilling holes, and it’s not mine to do that with. I figured it would also be possible to stick the v-wheels on the lathe and cut them down enough to even out the height difference.

If they let me buy/keep/fix this one I might do that to get it to the point where I can build things with it and have them fit snugly. Then I will also have a unit to take with me to conventions which I hadn’t considered when I ordered the pro.


It seems the answers you were given might not have been clear or correct:


Sort of. We know it, but don’t adjust per-machine power on public machines (although we’ll start doing so shortly). The Proofgrade settings right now are lowest common denominator - they will get a lot better in the coming weeks.


I figured you would squirrel it out. Who doesn’t love a good puzzle?

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LMAO. Sounds like my K40 :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


JigProof Markings™

Etch a QR code into the jig to store the settings.
Then the Glowforge can read them back in orient from that.


Ah man that would be amazing. Great idea!


Excellent. Thanks so much for sharing your method!

Having a Shapoko 2 myself, I am not a fan of that type of gantry. Very difficult to get it square without independent motor drives and a pair of limit switches. Also the quality of the wheels I got from Inventables was very inconsistent.

I am not takng nor trying to give a position…just trying to be supportive @Jules…besides…with every monthly @dan gives…I am tired of reading “mostly” negatives.yes yes some are expressing their thoughts,but to me, more are negative…( so I kinda stopped reading the monthlies ) and have decided to try and support the yay sayers…but…that’s just me an my.i


In that case…I’d be a fool to turn down freely offered support … :wink:
(And I can certainly use it at the moment… so thanks!)


This brings up an interesting question for me… what happens when you score a piece of Proofgrade Maple with the QR code for Proofgrade Walnut? Does the Proofgrade system know the difference to not get fooled by a QR code burnt into the wood vs. one on a sticker / UV ink? :wink:


Lol, for the life of me I’m trying to think why you would purposefully burn a qr code onto wood where the masking/proofgrade qr is still there. Just trying to see how smart the GF is… :smile:

Some of us just love to see the world burn, I suppose. :wink:


You have no idea how hard it was not to respond with an old Bevis and Butthead joke to that :stuck_out_tongue: and I didn’t even like Beavis and Butthead. If I had liked them I probably would have posted a meme or something like this…


I truly appreciate the scrutiny that you are taking the time to provide, Takitus!

(Is scrutiny “provided”? I dunno. Me fail English.)

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