Tutorial: How to create vector cuts from ordinary B&W graphics using illustrator

Say you’ve got a black and white JPG or GIF that you want to cut out on your glowforge. Have you got Illustrator? This tutorial shows you how to convert that B&W image into a vector “strokes” suitable for cutting.

Note: @tony.sausageking points out that if you check the ‘ignore white’ checkbox in the Image Trace dialog, you can skip all the steps having to do with removing the white. That said, learning the “Select same fill & stroke” command is helpful for getting out of a LOT of Illustrator tangles.


Sound effects really make the video. Thanks. I learned a couple new things.

Great video! :grinning:

(I’ll shift this to the Tutorials section for you.)

You can click the “Ignore White” checkbox in the Advanced options of the Image Trace dialogue, and it will automatically remove the white and only give you black shape. Saves a couple steps.

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Oh awesome! That will speed things up significantly.

Go forth and burn things! :star_struck:

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nice and easy do understand. thanks
please make more tutorials like this.

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