Tutorials before Release?

It would be useful for those of us with limited experience in CNC Laser to have a tutorial series available specifically designed for the Glowforge.
I am sure this would be useful for those people who are coming to this from other manufacturers machines too.

If these could be produced prior to the distribution of the machines then it would not only assist with marketing but also could ensure a wide-range of positive reviews upon release because the users are pre-informed.

Are there any plans to introduce us to the software and/or workflow before December?


Especially any tutorials that involve making your own precise measurement cuts. Something generic like a slot connecting box should be general enough to be useful for anyone to use.

Or even the tealight holder they showed in one video. Show us how to sit down at the computer, with no software installed, and generate that for ourselves, from nothing but a tea light and calipers to measure the diameter.


There is actually another topic that is discussed about user guide. Take a look:

It’s good to see the user manual conversation (thanks, @Mantynen), but I think basic workflows and tutorials for designing real world objects (joins, glued layers, etc) out of digital layers using the creative cloud suite (illustrator, etc) or other recommended software options could be a lot of help. This is especially true if they’re still tweaking the official Glowforge materials.

If these are already out there in the universe, do people have sites that they would recommend as a first jumping-off point for us brand new folks?

A group of us are working on those right now, but in the meantime use the search function of discourse (that’s the magnifying glass to the left of your avatar at the top-right of the page) with the hashtag #tutorial and of course on youtube. Lynda.com also has great tutorials, but require a subscription for many of them. Your local library may have a subscription that you can use for free.


Yup. I’ve been looking through tutorials individually (I found the search bar. I’m new, but I’m not NEW :wink: ) but hoped there might be a complete workflow/set available or in the making.

I really appreciate that you are working on it, @jbv. Based on the expertise (and patience) I’ve seen you (and others) use throughout this forum, I’m sure it’ll be very useful.


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I’m just along for the ride, it is @Jules that took it upon herself to organize some of us.

Also, please don’t take any offense (I don’t think you did; you smiley’d!) I mention the search function for two reasons, because it is not always apparent to people who are used to looking for a text-input search bar and also because some folks (me) hate the search functions of many bb_forums. Happily (again, for me) Discourse has a different approach, one that I find quite usable and friendly.