Twenty Nothing anymore


My Son is about to turn 30 - :grimacing:
Ready to mail his gift, but wanted to include a little Glowforge goodie in the box. He is really into Jujitsu, so I wanted to reflect that along with the transition to a new decade in his life.

Google>images>jujitsu and I knew it when I saw it!
Edit - Artwork by Mister Bones

(front and back)

So easy to whip out a personalized occasion specific doodad. No more joining the herd in the greeting card isle at the grocery store on holidays! Valentines Day is going to be very different next time. :sunglasses:

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 22nd, 2017

That’s perfection! :smile:


Yep perfect choice!


nice picture :smiley:


It fit the bill. :+1:
I have seen this guy’s work before, but I don’t know whom to credit. Signature was just a dot, but the first letter is B…


Nice shading on that engrave!


I found him :wink:

Chris Burns alias Mister Bones

And also maybe next year gift could be this :wink:


Nice Work! Thank you :sunglasses:


Very nice!


That is such a beautiful job of engraving and the picture that you chose is great. :grin:


Love it. Pairing the perfect image with the perfect saying is what has us all drooling. Well executed.


All I did was select the picture and drop it in, the machine did the rest!:sunglasses:


I really love that we’ll be able to put together such cool gifts and collectible items so easily. Literally from nothing to something in minutes!


What a joy it must be to be able to whip wonderful things like these out and customize it! :slight_smile: Ugh…What. Is. Taking. So. Long! :hourglass_flowing_sand: :sob: