TWO Broken Wrists! (SUPER off-topic)

My 8-year old son managed to break both of this wrists yesterday falling off a swing at school. Yep! The kid’s got talent! Why break only one wrist?! Anybody can do that.

So we got the bathroom thing worked out at school. The nurse has a private bathroom and can assist as needed. We got other hygiene tips from the orthopedist.

But what the heck can the poor kid eat?! Last night we didn’t know his left wrist was broken (hadn’t seen the orthopedist yet), just thought it was sore. So he managed to eat with a fork using his left hand. But today his entire right arm is in a cast and the left is in a splint!

Anybody been here before?! Any advice?!


Owwww! Poor little guy! I have no clue what you do to help with this – lots of smoothies with a big straw?


Thanks. Yeah… I feel so bad for him. Although I imagine his rehab will include lots of gaming to get the ol’ muscles goin’. Follow-up’s in 3 weeks where they’ll re-x-ray to see how things’re going.

Heh… He just said “I could maybe handle a fork with my left hand. But I’m sure I can handle pizza.”

So, tonight at least, we’re having pizza. :wink:


I’m going to stick my PSA telling anyone and everyone that you should do martial arts for a couple years no matter how young or old for the singular purpose of learning how to fall correctly. I’ve had my black belt for ten years and I’ve never had to use my self defense skills once but I’ve totally saved myself from breaking bones slipping on ice, falling down stairs, having the dog tackle me while I’m carrying stuff. For kids it also teaches good life skills. But mostly everyone should learn how to fall


Beg @dwardio to print you an e-NABLE hand, cut off one of his hands, attach. :smiling_imp:

He is 8. So I’m thinking permission to just smash his face into a plate of food and just go for it would be a kind of heaven.

Have I mentioned I don’t have kids??


LOL! Excellent! :smile:


I have a good friend who is a yoga instructor, and she says that proper falling is a side benefit of her practice, too :wink:


if the cast allows for elbow motion you can try something like this:

duct tape or otherwise secure a fork/spoon into a pool noodle (to offset from cast for hygiene). wrap velcro tiewraps around cast near wrist. wrap pool noodle completely with opposite velcro…

assuming hes not trying to cut a steak it should support the weight of whatever is on the fork


oh yeah, I fall a lot in yoga. It’s more embarrassing for the people that know me than for me I think :wink:


My brother did break both arms twice but that was 4 separate occasions.

Maybe an extendable fork?

Best of luck to him. I broke my right wrist when I was 14 years old. Just make sure the doctor sets it straight. Mine wasn’t :unamused:


I am so there tomorrow night. :wink:


Don’t think we’ll need to amputate, but I have a couple of ideas to e-NABLE the little guy to use a fork or spoon. PM me if you’re interested.


Wow…that’s somthin’ else, isn’t it! That makes it really tough. When I was in the 5th grade, I had casts on both legs, thigh to ankle for 6 weeks. No need to go in to details, but nowadays they don’t treat the issue I had the same way, thank God. Anyway, I know legs are not used much in the process of eating, but mankind has ways of adapting to restrictions…and in ways in which you may not even dream. Between you and your family, I’m betting some of those adaptations will make themselves known and they will make for some great stories in the future. Sorry, I have no advice…but truly, I sure wish him the best.


I screwed up my left wrist several years ago. Two surgeries and still not the same. It was tough doing normal things with one hand. But to have both unusable is horrible!
Hope for a quick recovery!!


9 year old me! You learn to adapt with the fork and spoon. The knife never really got figured out, and I forgot how to tie my shoes. We did all sorts of things though; a couple of trash bags around my casts and I was good to go. I did get really good at video games that summer (although that was before consoles that had controllers you couldn’t lay flat on a table). I hope the pain has gone away for your son; that was the worst part.



oh no! im sorry to hear it man! hopefully he can get one of those thermoplastic casts instead of one made out of water damaged material. hopefully he will be healed by summer


That stinks! I broke my left elbow when I was 5 (tripped over a rock) and my right wrist when I was 6 (jumping off a swing). Both right before summer.

I agree with @takitus, if he can get a water proof cast, that would be great. Can’t help you with the eating though. Have you considered a helper monkey? :monkey:


Hey I bet you could rig that hydraulic robot arm that rpegg found the other day to hold a spoon! That would be fun and use gross rather than fine motor skills to operate


My PSA is for adults who no longer fall from swings but from tripping over grass or stones or cracks in the sidewalk or whatever - take some Tai Chi classes. You’ll learn to be very body & step aware. You learn to place your feet before shifting the weight. It’s been demonstrated to reduce falls by more than 60% in different age populations. As you get to the age where a fall isn’t just painful but may cost you your mobility potentially for the rest of your life, you’ll appreciate having the foresight to do something about it while you could :slight_smile:


Why isn’t there a high five emoji? Anything that helps you be more aware of how you move is a great idea. Especially if you have limitations due to bad back or knee or hip or what ever

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