Two ugly but useful boxes


So, I wasn’t going to post this but I made the mistake of mentioning it in another thread and now I have to.

Anyway, this it a good time to mention what I am doing this week. That extended Y-axis base for my handibot arrived and it needs beta testing. Also ever since the Glowforge arrived, I’ve been playing 3d Tetris in the office here so this is what I have done. I have taken a week off from the salt mine to work on “personal infrastructure”. Each project may or may not utilize one of the smart tools at the house. I just plan to do each with whatever it best for the project.
So far, the count is 1 for dumb tools and one for the Glowforge.

In the next move in my little game of Tetris, I needed to move the laser (paper) printer so I made a stand for it using scrap wood and then made a box to go on one side of it.
The stand was done with just a table saw and a pocket hole jig, no plans other than jotting down the dimensions it needed to be.
The box was drawn up in F360 and then cut on the Glowforge from .200" Homedepot plywood.
Once you get the workflow down you can design ugly boxes in F360 quite quickly. You will be able to see and learn that workflow when the tutorials go live.

The short version is draw it, extrude it, export it and adjust for kerf using

Import into Inkscape just to get it as an SVG, and then upload and cut.

Next time I leave the house I need to pick up some really big rubber bands unless someone can tell me a better way to clamp small finger jointed boxes?

Anyway, that is it for tonight.

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Big thick rubber bands do a great job in holding those boxes together as the glue dries…just don’t let kids get ahold of them…they hurt!!
Oh…and nice “porn” magazine close by…(Woodcraft) lmao :sweat_smile:


Told you they’d be useful ideas that i wish I’d thought of! (Gonna be building a lot of these!) :smile::+1:


From Woodcraft :slight_smile:

Titewrap also from Woodcraft.


There are a lot of ratcheting strap clamps out there. Most import part of the job is some square pieces so you can make sure the angles are good. Don’t really need pressure for finger joints.


Yeah, this one is ugly but I have so many to make that, in the end, they should be looking good. Over this week and ongoing we will be adding inserts to some to hold specific things.


Also don’t forget that a ratchet strap is a ratchet strap, regardless if it’s sold for woodworking or pickups. If you buy/make the little corner blocks nothing stopping you from using the cheapest straps you can find at Home Depot/Canadian Tire/etc.

For small boxes like this masking tape can work well too. Hold everything in place and wrap it a few times with tape. Doesn’t provide clamping pressure, but keeps everything from moving (and for joints like this you don’t really need pressure anyway). Just make sure you “unclamp” everything relatively quickly or else you’ll have residue problems.

Do check for squareness, though, and use a bar clamp on the diagonal to pull it into square if needed.


Pin nailer :grinning: $25 on Amazon.


I pulled the adjustable belts off an old car seat we no longer use for my daughter and have repurposed those as strap clamps for a plant press I made.

I think they’d also work great for clamping small boxes


Oh I didn’t think of that! I don’t know if it will work with. 200" ply but I’ll sure grab some scrap and find out.


Okay, I went and tried it with the cute little porter cable I have. We learned two things. One, this stuff I am using is a bit too delicate for brad nailing. Maybe something with a bit less “foamy” core it would work. Two, bone stops brads quite effectively. This is good as I really would have hated to explain to the ER Dr. why there is a brad in my finger. :scream:


:fearful::scream: oh my…no brads in fingers please!!
The boxes I make are pretty thin and delicate…the thick rubberbands work just fine in my opinion. lol


Tell me you didn’t staple yourself! :worried:


Did you use pins or brads? Pinning uses 23ga micro-pins. They’re thinner than sewing pins. I use them in 3mm ply boxes without any issue. You do have to make sure they’re in the gun right. There’s not much of a difference between the top & point​ but they are a tad sharp on one end to make them easier to drive.

Brads are 18ga right? More nails than pins.

If you use rubber bands see if you can get produce bands from the grocery or rigger’s bands (used in parachute rigging and available online). Both are more consistent in holding power than standard office supply rubber bands.


:grin: Okay, I won’t tell you. Luckily I mostly do stupid on a small scale so I have all my fingers.The visual was the worst part.


Oh, ouch! (That just makes me cringe!) :confounded:


Those are not ugly!

I’m partial to these types, since you can lock in 90 degrees exactly & easily

cheaper price:


Or the band clamps with the “corner” pieces ( or make your own corner pieces on GF or 3d print).

For $11 may need to add this to my GF tools list
"This even pressure band clamp will support a multitude of shapes rectangular, round, polygon and square."


You are right, this style is great for getting true 90s, I’m not sure if any I have like this will work this small but if not, I’ll print some.


Don’t feel too bad. I randomly change one of my fingerprints about once a month. :grimacing:

Different incidents every time. :confused: