UGears Models material

I was wondering if the material used at UGears from what I can tell is made with Duro Laser Wood Laminate and will it work with the Glowforge? Or what would you suggest something simular to that look?

WUS 253 - Duro Laser Wood Laminate - White - 1/8" or WUS 113 - Duro Laser Wood - White - 1/4"


Laminate you linked to will work great. No idea what the products at ugears are made from, but gorgeous models!

Thank you jbmanning5. I agree their models are way cool!!!

They definitely give something to aspire towards! Only negative is the cost of linked material. Definitely need to set up an account with a wholesaler if leaning the direction of doing more than one of those.

I agree, the WUS 113 - Duro Laser Wood - White - 1/4" is $7.99 for 12" x 24" x 1/4"

The materials catalog at is going to be a big thing. Now that will be interesting in terms of price, value and ease of use. Very convenient but I fear that my cheapster instinct will forbid me from ordering just because there are trees growing at my cabin and I should be able to just go out and cut them down to fit into the Glowforge. Oh, how we simplify everything.


marmak3261 Since I bought the Glowforge I look at everything differently now, when I’m at Home Depot, Ikea, etc I see things I can buy cheaply and make things with them. I’m cutting up all the cardboard I get and saving it for future projects. Hopefully the Glowforge site / store will be our go to place to buy materials for projects.

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I agree with you 100%! I’ve also become cheaper ever since learning how to use tools like the glowforge- I see something I like, and my usual gut reaction is “but can I make this myself?” :laughing:

steph_ Exactly, I think most people that bought a Glowforge thinks like us!!!

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Dry them first :wink:

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