UI improvement idea

It would be helpful if the material search field recognized thicknesses so that we can directly enter custom height without having to do the superfluous click.

I’m not saying to remove the uncertified material path as it stands now, but to add some logic to the search that says “ah the search is numeric, it’s a height, cool, custom material it is then”.

It’s good that small things like this are the problem, it’s a sign that the larger issues have been ironed out… but small things like this are the difference between good and great.


I agree, I use ‘thin’ (3mm) acrylic a lot… maybe some way that ‘local’ materials can be stored ‘locally’ - also Baltic Birch, we all use it, might as well include it.



Thanks for the suggestion! I’ll make sure the team gets them as we work to make improvements.

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