Uk group


Who’s from Uk??? :uk:


I’ve got one foot on either side of the Atlantic, and believe me it’s painful :cry:
Norfolk UK, and Corinth, Mississippi



I am from near Manchester.


I’m in the midlands.


I lived in Dunoon a life time ago if that counts for anything.


Sorry just one of the colonists :stuck_out_tongue:


You can check yourself on the Glowforge Map.


I was (Hastings), but I’m now in Malta.


So, after 8 months in Malta, are you happy that you moved?


I’m from Kent. But don’t hold that against me.


Brought up in Westgate/Margate, school in Ramsgate.


I absolutely love it here. It’s a bit chilly indoors at the moment though because Maltese houses have no central heating and no insulation, but the weather outside is improving by the day. I’ve also found myself a GF (no, a Girlfriend! :smiley: )

I am a bit scuppered though, as I planned to start a business with my Glowforge. The delays have cost me serious money and loss of income! @dan please can I be one of the first overseas orders you send? Pretty please?! I need to make some money before the Summer - and I have prospective clients waiting!


Two Forgers get together for the first UK meeting !
Went to see Bridget this morning - turned out that we only live 5 miles apart, had met before, about 10 years ago, and she now lives in the house where I bought my first computer from, about 30 years ago.
Much discussion of what we plan to do with our respective machines


I am from Corby…Northamptonshire!!! Hi


One of my photographs is in Manchester if that counts for anything. :wink:


Well, I’m flying out via Manchester Airport again, on Tuesday.
See if I’m in your photograph. :grin:


I would have to travel to Manchester to check the photo. I’ll see if I can make it there by Tuesday. :stuck_out_tongue:


What yoy will planned to do with GF??? Home use or do business???


Brighton here.


  • master laser cutting
  • take over the world


Not Chatham House by any chance? I went from the age of 14…

I am in Woking now.