Unable to click and drag design

I used fusion 360 dxf imported to Inkscape generated svg format. When I have a 1 inch square design I have no problem placing it where I desire on the Glowforge for cutting. I then made a165 x 241 mm rectangle but with filet corners. Importing it to Glowforge it shows up too far left ie out of range . I have no problem rotating the rectangle but I am unable to move it as I did with the 1 inch square. I am able to move it by clicking one of the corners and dragging but this leaves the lower segment where it is . I am then unable to move the lower segment that was left behind. Please advise.
Donald Foren

You should be able to select the entire design. Select the arrow from the interface, hold down shift and draw a rectangle around your design. Hover of the now highlighted design until you get the four way move symbol. Then hold down the shift and drag. You can only move when the four way movement symbol is in view.

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Another method to use is CTRL/CMD+A to select all, then use the SHIFT+Arrow keys on the keyboard to move the whole design.

Using CTRL+A is a necessity to grab everything at once if the design consists of unconnected lines. The DXF export plugins used in Fusion 360 can be notorious for leaving paths unconnected, particularly curved ones. If you join the lines in Inkscape before bringing the file into the Glowforge interface, it’s not a problem. If you don’t, you can use CTRL+A to select everything, or drag a selection rectangle around the parts you wish to select. Then use the arrow keys.


Thanks for the Quick response

Sometimes those little shapes can be hard to click and drag - seems like its easier to get the rotation handle and accidentally rotate it rather than drag it. I’m not sure how zooming in works to make it appear larger on the screen (making it easier to drag). I usually just select it and move it with the keyboard / but I’m also not moving stuff very far.

Thanks for the answers @Jules and @dklgood, that’s correct! I’m going to close this thread for now. If you have any other questions @donaldforen, feel free to post a new topic or you can email support@glowforge.com.