Unable to connect to wifi

I have been trying to reconnect my glowforge to the internet for about 3 days now. It was working about a week ago fine. Then one day the app said the printer was offline. So I went to try and reconnect it through the setup and can not get it to connect. I’ve tried the following:

1.) Resetting the glowforge, computer, and wifi router.
2.) Made sure everything is updated. (Browser and Computer)
3.) Moved the glowforge closer to the router. It’s 6 feet from the router now instead of 25 feet. (It was working when it was 25 feet away)
4.) I purchased a hotspot plan for my phone as support told me this could fix the issue, it did not.
5.) I completely reset my router to the base settings and tried connecting to the wireless network with those settings. (2.4G)
6.) I reconfigured the router as employees were starting to arrive so their computers would recognize the network. (Glowforge will still not connect to wifi)

I’ve submitted a support ticket and they are extremely slow to respond. Not something I was expecting with the price of this machine. I understand that there is a surge of support tickets over the weekend for Monday mornings but to give out cookie cutter responses when I said I tried all of the recommended fixes on their site is very frustrating.

Has anyone else come across this problem and found a fix yet?


a few things, teal light on the glowforge? then reconnect? did you try a different browser?
if it works with that maybe your cache is full and you need to zap it.

can you log onto your wifi with your phone or another wifi device, make sure thats working… most of the time if you start at the simple things, it fixes it, we all think the issue is much more complicated then it is…

good luck !!!


Yes, the light is teal when trying to connect to the wifi. I’ve tried google chrome and firefox both on windows 10 and mac os x big sur. I’ve cleared all the caches on all browsers and also tried on incognito mode on both browsers and computers (thinking maybe an extension was blocking it). Both computers can connect to the wifi with no problems. I can also connect to the wifi via both iphone and android phones. I’m the only one that is using the 2.4g wifi in the office. Everyone else is on 5g.

Pretty sure that rules out the GF and points a finger at your modem.

HI @chris.tonucci. I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been encountering some trouble with the Wi-Fi setup of your Glowforge. I see you have an email thread opened for this same issue. We still have that in review, and will follow up through that email thread soon. To avoid any confusion or miscommunication that could delay any troubleshooting, I will go ahead and close this thread. Thank you.