Unable to measure

We have a GlowForge Plus that now says “material didn’t measure The material was not measured correctly. It may be too short or too tall”

I tried the steps found in another article (Glowforge refusing to set focus / won't measure - #9 by geek2nurse ), cleaned all lenses and it still gives me the same message, even with proofgrade materials.

I recalibrated the camera then did the “precision preview” and the etchings and picture don’t align.

Here is a screen shot after recalibrating the camera again this morning. There is a large right margin that the GF I guess doesn’t see which is why it won’t automatically select what is in the tray.

What material (type and thickness) are you using?

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I am using the Medium Draftboard

Huh. Weird that it would run the calibration but not be able to measure; the calibration routine is SOOO picky! Hmmm.

Make sure the two little windows on the bottom of the head are clean. Check the connections of the white cable, and make sure the contacts between the head and carriage plate are clean and the springy ones spring properly. Also eliminate any lighting from outside the machine that might be creating a glare on the material.

I’m not sure what you mean by “precision preview.” Can you post a screenshot of the alignment?


I found the procedure in support to recalibrate the camera, then verify by using this, and as you can see, it doesn’t align

You might need to recalibrate more than once. You can cover the material with new paperwhite masking to keep from using too many new material sheets. As pointed out It gets picky but the result is worth it.

That is within specs. It is rated to within 1/4", and it will be more accurate towards the center but for the edge of the material, that’s just fine.

I have recalibrated 3 times now, when I try to focus (even if the point is in the middle of the board), the image has a margin on the right of approx 2 in and the bottom 1 in and says “failed to measure, the material may be to short or tall”

Did the calibration succeed? If it does you can put an x at the corner logos and score at 5% power and see if it is correct. It will usually do the same first and let you know, but it has to run until it finishes both the marking and the calibrating. And the calibrating may take a couple of hours that you have to leave it alone to do its thing.

it says it did, and the logos that it engraves look good, however it won’t focus, when I try to focus, the view is off to the left about 2 inches and up an inch.

Do you do your placement before or after you do the set focus? If you use the set focus (even several times to make sure) and then place your piece by moving your image to where you want it, do another set focus for good luck make sure your placement is what you want, and only then cut.

It took me over an hour to rotate the piece by nudges before I cut but this was the result on the outside…

Based on this, I suggest you take pics/screenshots and send to support via email. Sounds like your machine will need to be replaced.

I contacted support, but other than receiving an automated email from them, they have been silent.

Same issue here. I can focus bottom right. I have bee manually measuring lately

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