Unable to Setup Glowforge


I finally received my Glowforge Pro!
Followed all of the instructions and got to the point where I connect my computer to the Glowforge wifi and complete the setup.
I connected to the Glowforge, but setup failed at some point before completing.
The UI told me to reconnect and restart setup.
Problem: I am no longer seeing the Glowforge in my wifi list.
I shut the Glowforge down and restarted it.
Waited for it to finish doing its thing and same result.
Cannot connect to the Glowforge because I don’t see it in the wifi list.

Please help.
I fear that if we don’t resolve right away, I’ll have to wait all the way until Monday!



Try resetting wifi:


Congratulations! I hear that it helps to move the router close to the machine for the first connection. Other than that, if you click on Support in the app, and then on Troubleshooting, there is a whole series of steps to try to get it connected.

Good luck!


Thank you everyone!

I am officially up and running!



Yahooooo! I expect the next seminar will maybe show some actual cut samples, hmmmmm?


Actually, the Glowforge wifi is supposed to disappear. It’s only there long enough for it to switch over to your wifi. Then you connect your laptop or whatever to the internet the way you did before you got your Glowforge and go to app.glowforge.com


If it is still making a wifi hotspot, it can’t talk to the real internet, only your laptop and so you won’t be able to use it for anything because all the real cutting instructions comes from glowforge.com running in Google’s data centers.


If only there was an Ethernet connection.

I say that a lot.


I’m glad you resolved it! Thanks all for the help. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!

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