Unable to Toggle to Disable Air Filter

Hello. I just unboxed and setup my fourth Glowforge (warranty replacements) and, unlike the first three, it is defaulting to the air filter being enabled and it will not let me disable it, so I am unable to run test cuts and hopefully get back up and running. Any suggestions?

Until staff comes along with an answer, I’m thinking it might be a browser issue. Could you try logging in from a different browser and see if that helps?

Are you logged into the new machine, not an old one?

Yes, that is the first thing that I checked! I was just using my previous one right before this and I have never had this happed. I will try another browser.

Ok. S0, I just now noticed that this is still registered to another owner. I bet that is why.


Sometimes they forget to remove the account they used for testing it at the factory. They’ll be along to get you fixed up. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I forgot to close this after fixing that ownership issue for you!