Unable to upload anything to the UI

I have the same problem. Old files will load, but new files will not upload.
I was just using my GF last night, so whatever it is, it’s popped up within the past 10 hours.

Given how many people are seeing it, and this was (I think) the first thread about it, I’d say it started right before I OP’ed. Too many other smart people would have figured out it was on the server side for it to go unnoticed for any length of time.

me too - darn it got a rush order on as well

I’m going to 22nd the problem here haha. Same error. Guess I’ll go paint and hope this starts working again soon.

I’ll live. It just dawned on me I can still use an already-uploaded file. I had an improved one I was going to use instead, but the old one is better than nothing!

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In the meantime, we could do impromptu show and tell for things that are too small to warrant their own posts…

Here’s a quick oak leaf butt joint design I fooled with a while ago.

Baltic birch, sharpied black on one side.


That TOTALLY deserves its own post!


me too and it seems to be a sever issue on their end…

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I think that is my favorite butt joint ever!!!


We’re seeing this too and the team is looking into it.



And the Duck award, for appearing calm and collected on the surface while paddling madly underwater, goes to… @pip.


Two words: fireman pole. Solves half of your problem anyway. :slight_smile:

Bonus points for installing it behind a bookcase activated by a button under a bust like the old Batpole.


Ha. Down isn’t as hard. Gravity helps with that. Up is HARD. It requires an hour of bedrest to recover. :stuck_out_tongue:

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UP is only Hard if you had surgery on your foot…:wink:

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This should be resolved.

Can everyone please try again and let us know if you’re still having any trouble uploading?


Looks good!

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Works :slight_smile:

Glory! I successfully uploaded @evansd2 's sample horizontal line.


@pip You guys did it again, thanks…

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