Unable to upload svg from illustrator

Just a simple leaf vector. Saved as plain svg. No tricks. I have a few varients, they all say failed to load.

Upload it as a PDF.

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That got me a “we’re sorry, an unexpected error occurred.”

I tried a couple different options settings, but none of the options dealt with things that are in the file.

That would indicate something is off in the file, like an embedded image you traced or something else like that. I would take a look at the layers panel in Illustrator, confirm that there is nothing else besides the image you want to export, then save as PDF using the Illustrator default settings.


In inkscape my layer says it contains a path and nothing else.

Try this one…
Leaf.pdf (337.3 KB)

Same error :melting_face: the design failed to load

I woupd try clearing my web browser cache. Are you able to open other files on the dashboard that were previously uploaded?


I am not. It says my premium is expired, do I have to be premium to use my own tool? Nm, it says I can’t open things older than 30 days so that shouldn’t apply here.

Got it! Since you said cache I tried opening it in a different browser. Maybe it just hates firefox?
Thank you all for your time and help.


I dragged and dropped it onto my interface without issue.


Glad you got that sorted. I’m typing on my phone and I got lazy and didn’t expand on “clear your cache” to add “or try another browser/computer”. It probably just got a corrupted file somehow. This might fix it if you want to go back to Firefox.


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