Unavailable speed settings?

Looked at the proof grade maple hardwood settings to get an idea of where to start on some 1/4" purple heart, GFUI lists it as 189 speed and full power when i look at manual cut. When I type these in for my unknown material, it rounds my speed. Why don’t I have the same level of control? Not that I think 1 speed makes a huge difference.

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Any number typed in for speed is now rounded to the nearest 5.


Why have 1000 speed settings then, just have 200. grumble grumble grumble


Or it’s possible you never had 1000 speed settings. Might just have made the input more closely match the power output resolution.


It would be interesting to render a PG job and look at the time it predicts and then round the speed figure to see if it changes the time. If it does then they are giving us less control than they are using for PG, which is not on.

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That’s what’s causing the knot in my knickers.


I don’t know what you mean by “round the speed figure” but if I use PG settings or input them manually for the same job I get the same job time.

Above @rpegg stated that if you enter speed it is rounded to the nearest 5 but PG settings are displayed not rounded. The question is do they get rounded before they are applied. To test you need a PG speed setting that isn’t on a 5 boundary.

I’ll give it a shot and report back.

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Great question – I’ll pass on a request to change that!