Unboxing/Setup instructions

My apologies if this has been mentioned before.

When you unbox your Glowforge, the instructions on the Forge direct you to setup.glowforge.com. On that page the FIRST thing you are told to do is turn it on.

If you followed those directions, the packing materials and shipping stays are still in place!

I’m assuming it’s good practice to remove those materials before flipping the switch.

There should be a link on that first page for the unboxing directions. I couldn’t find mine, and had to follow a YouTube video I found.


I followed the video by @tom
Easy to follow in real time.

Thanks @tom!


I meant to say setup.glowforge.com instead of app.glowforge.com.

Thanks for the catch, I fixed the link at the start of this thread.

I was up way too late last night.


Not trolling, just providing info. Either you were sent to a different place or you didn’t notice that the instructions scrolled. There were many detailed pages of unboxing instructions, removing foam blocks, orange bits, etc…

You can still go back to setup.glowforge.com and see those instructions.


Oh. No problem.

So now I see. A multitude of things occurred last night.

  1. It was late
  2. I was excited
  3. I wasn’t driving the computer, my girlfriend was.
  4. Window you see looks like a dialog box and the final statement framed in that window is “Lets Get started Shall We?”
  5. Safari does not put scroll bars on that type of window, so it does not appear to scroll unless you try to. Given these visual clues the next obvious step is to click the big red “Continue” button.

Thought that might be the case because I almost hit the continue button too. And I even had a scroll bar so had no excuse.


Oh, I see, blame the driver. :wink:

I’ve been known to do such a thing…


I don’t know why modern scroll bars are hidden but it seems like a really stupid development to me.


Silly me. I actually read the manual they sent in email before my Glowforge arrived. It has all those instructions too.

I agree that the Setup page really needs to change, though, because many people don’t read the manual.

You’re not the first to be caught by this.


I did too when I got the PRU. My first feedback to Support was all about corrections & suggestions (I followed it step by step when the PRU arrived).

Of course that was because I felt an obligation to help out a bit. Now I’d probably not even skim it past the step that got me on the Internet & the app could see it - even if I’d never had the PRU. I’m kinda bad about reading manuals :sunglasses:

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It’s a male thing, especially for one that is a gearhead. First impulse is ‘just do it’, when that fails it’s time to dig the directions out of the trash.


Which is what I just did for the turkey.

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I leave the technical stuff to the pro!

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As did I, but it was a stretch of time in between, and I couldn’t find it quickly.

Thanks for the answer @rpegg, that’s right. And thanks for the suggestions everyone!

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!