Uncentered prints

I’ve printed on these same type of blocks hundreds of times and never have seen a print be so far off target.

Nothing has changed with material settings nor actual material.

What may be causing it to be so far off?

This also happened twice after making sure both times the draft board with sticker side face down was all the way to the left and covering the bottom side of the hexagon part of the tray.

Could you have bumped the print head?

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Either the red dot for autofocus missing the blocks, or the print head having been bumped at any point since the machine was turned on. Watching where the dot lands will fix the first, and restarting the machine so it can redo the startup calibration and re-acquire its home position will fix the latter.


@t.jeffsantos I’m so sorry to see that a print was off center.

I would be happy to look into this issue can you tell me the date and time of the print so I can extract some logs and review them?

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