Uncertified material GREYED OUT? Cant use

I must be doing something wrong. Im using non proof grade veg leather…when i go to enter the material thickness i can not type in the uncertified material box? what gives…It has worked before.

Are you using set focus before this?

A full screenshot will help us diagnose

Mine does that from time to time, but it always resolves with a screen refresh.

If using set focus, it will lock you out of the material height box unless you leave the design and come back into it, or refresh the page. Presumably, you could also open the lid but I’m not sure if that works or not.


Turned everything off and back on… lol …electronics … I could do it… probably was a refresh issue


Good to hear refreshing the page worked for you. However, you mentioned printing on “veg leather,” that may be a non-laser compatible material. There are a wide variety of materials that are laser compatible, including many (but not all) woods, plastics, (natural) leathers, and papers. Like a microwave, though, you have to be careful what you put inside. Using the wrong materials can cause damage to your Glowforge or harm to you or others. You can read about materials safety in our manual at glowforge.com/manual.

To make it simple, we created the Proofgrade line of laser-compatible materials. They’re extensively tested for safety and print beautifully every time. You can see them here: https://glowforge.com/materials

If you’d like to print on materials from another source, you can use any material you like as long as it’s compatible with a CO2 laser. Unfortunately, we can’t offer specific advice on particular materials provided by other vendors. You can contact the manufacturer or consult an expert to determine if a material is compatible with the CO2 laser inside the Glowforge unit.

Our community is also full of information about materials and settings. You can search for the material you want to learn about here:
Note that advice provided by other Glowforge users is unsupported and is not reviewed for accuracy by Glowforge.

I am going to close this thread, feel free to start a new one if you have any more trouble.