Understanding inkscape

I am trying to take a background file and combine it with a earring shape, so I can engrave the background and cut out the shape in glowforge. Can someone help me? Julie

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How far have you gotten? Are you familiar with the union and division commands? Perhaps you can share the file here - but not if it is a purchased file.

Select the image and the outline shape, then select Path/Clip/Select Inverse. Then Edit/Make A Bitmap Copy. That will leave you with an image the same dimensions as the cut shape. You can move it aside to delete the original image, and re-align with the cut-outline.

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Ok, I got an image in the shape of the earring but don’t have an outline to cut. ??
Sorry another beginner. Julie

That would be the design element you used to create the clip path to “extract” the area of the image you want to work with. It would still be there.

You can use the Path/Outset command to expand it a little.

No apology needed. Design apps have a steep learning curve.

Everything you might need to learn about Inkscape:


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