Undo Problems, Problems Moving Objects

Problem 1:
So, it’s been weeks and weeks of problems with the Undo button as well as CTRL-Z (YES, both). I place hundreds of objects to cut on one sheet. Sometimes I have to delete (OR MOVE to the side) portions and then come back and undo the deletion. With either undo option, the GUI has to got through each and EVERY item deleted to get to the deletion of the entirety to undo.

So, to be clear, I need to delete 125 circles to recut a spot that didn’t cut right, so I delete them, rerun the cut, and THEN want those 125 circles back on my screen. Now, I have to press CTRL-Z OR the Undo button 126 times to get to my 125 circles back.

Problem 2 (which I suspect is related since it’s all the interface):
I move something, release my mouse button very, very carefully, and it BUMPS it over an inch or, like a few minutes ago, halfway across the screen. This is very frustrating when trying to place objects for the best possible use of space. Especially if I was moving 20 objects and Problem 1 ensues.

I use Chrome.

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That bites - but I do have a few suggestions.

  1. Do you know you can drag a box around a bunch of items and move them together? Eg. 4 sections of ~31 circles deleted, instead of 125 of 1… also you may find it easier to move them off your work area, rather than delete (I don’t know if that eases the memory, but I’ve not run into the problems your describing so I think it may)

  2. If you move something with the mouse and see it bump - hit Ctl-Z, it’ll bump back. As an alternative, instead of moving with the mouse you can move with the precise positioning box in the lower left corner.

Hopefully either of those help you streamline your work!

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Problem 1: Either way, I have to undo 126 times (because you STILL have to use the undo function whether shortcut or button, and if I do in sections, it adds another couple of clicks). I have tried it every way I can think of because I already have near carpal tunnel from years of repetitive computer work.
Problem 2: The undo sends the object all the way back to wherever it started off at, not the place I set it before it bumped.

If you only move/delete 4 groups, you will only undo 4 times

Undo undoes the prior command - if there was no command than either something didn’t move as far as you think - or there is an issue with your system. I’m going to guess you’re not actually releasing your mouse button (how long has it been since you cleaned it - they get sticky!) when you think you are.

It sounds like the precision placement box should really be your go-to!


you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move things around.


Thanks for trying.

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I usually need to move it a hair, not their set amounts.

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are you aware that, unlike with many other programs, when you zoom in with the GFUI the “set” amounts get smaller? That feature is easy to miss.



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@melissajhendricks Thank you so much for reaching out to us.

Problem 1:
Without knowing or having a copy of your design it is difficult to say if this would work for you but you may be able to try the tips below:

  • Shift + Left Click - While holding the Shift key click on each object. This will highlight each object you click on. You can then delete the highlighted group with one click and undo once.
  • Control + A then Shift + Left Click - This will selects everything and then unselect the objects you wish to keep.
  • Make a copy - On the dashboard you can click on your design, make a copy, and then remove all objects without having to undo the changes.
  • There is a new grouping feature that may also help you. You can find more information here.

I’ve included some of the hot keys we have listed on our Support Site here. Please let me know if this helps. If you are still running into any issues can you provide a copy of your design so that I can take a look?

Problem 2:
Thank you for your patience while our team looked into this further. We’ve made a change on our end. Will you please log back into the app, try again and let me know if the placement of your artwork is working correctly now?

I’ve been working in graphics programs for 15+ years. I do know how to select groups and deselect and add selections within the selection.

I’ll let y’all work through your latest “fixes” and updates before I continue this conversation since all the selection process is now jacked up.

They’ve made a change on your machine - if you don’t want to test it, that’s fine, but it’s not like there’s suddenly going to be a change for everyone since only you are having this particular problem.

Actually, I’m not…

I’ve been working in the GlowForge app every day. I haven’t stopped. Whatever change they made didn’t fix my issue.

I sincerely apologize for the ongoing trouble. We’ve made some further updates since your last message. Because we’re still investigating some issues, it would be very helpful to know if any of the problems you reported have been resolved with these updates, as well as what issues are still occurring, if any. It looks like you’ve been printing since your last update; can you please let us know how things are working currently?

Let’s see if this works as far as understanding the main undo problem, video hopefully attached. I moved the items off in groups so I could cut only the little pieces you’ll see left on the screen after I’d placed them. Now, I’m going to try to put them all back using what SHOULD be about 5-6 clicks of the undo ICON or pressing CTRL-Z 5-6 times. You can hear and see the clicks and you can watch as it forces me to go thru each of the items before it can process the next ACTUAL undo.

Thanks so much for that video, it’s very helpful!

I’ve let the team know about this, and we’re looking into it now. I’ve been able to reproduce this behavior, as well. Could I please have you try the following?

Run through the same steps for design placement/movement you normally would, and if you need to undo something particular try pressing the buttons Ctrl+D on your keyboard to deselect all right before you do. Right now the app is treating each individual item selected in your group as a different undo step, but by deselecting the group itself you will be able to undo the last action such as moving, rotating, copy/pasting, etc. Please let me know if this doesn’t work for you.

In the video, I show clicking off the selection (deselecting) multiple times and resuming the Undo process with no change to the app’s behavior.

Thanks so much for your continued patience while the team looked into this. We released an update that should help - could you please try again, and let me know if the same behavior is occurring today?

I’ve done some major Undo’ing today with great success. Hopefully this is it!!

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