Unexpected error and crashing

I’ve been trying to cut sporadically today and keep getting “an unexpected error has occurred” then is refreshes and all of the designs I made are gone. This is across multiple file sets and designs being made with glowforge plus artwork….

does the error occur after you set focus? after you upload a design? after you click print? after you power on the machine? after you make mac and cheese with hot dogs in them?

More information can certainly help speed things along :slight_smile:

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After I click print, switching between designs, and after setting focus. It’s like the app is drunk.

and now it’s just randomly doing it while I recreate designs that it’s deleting… this is insane

does it happen after your print head goes to measure a material then? If you use set focus then does it happen after it measures? If you use autofocus then is it occurring when you click print and it then goes to focus on the material? Do you have a screen shot of the app with the material you are trying to print on in the bed?

I would guess that your browser is having an issue. Get out of it - clear the cache - and then reload (or try a completely different browser).
Make sure you’ve only got it open on one system (not on your PC and your tablet and your phone) since multiple competing versions can cause that.

Hi @tsupik85 I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been running into some unexpected trouble with the Glowforge App as you try to print. I saw you have been getting some good advice from fellow Glowforge owners, and I’ll be happy to join the discussion to help.

I understand that you’re noticing issues when are you doing the following:

  • clicking print
  • switching between designs
  • setting focus

To start, I wanted to see if you have been able to test if this is occurring on other browsers and/or devices.

Next, I saw this was mentioned in another post, can you try clearing the browser cache and cookies to see if it continues after that?

Last, can you take any photos or videos of what you are noticing? This will help us better see the issue to narrow down any other potential causes, and find the best next steps towards any fixes.

I’ll look forward to your updates. Thank you!

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