"Unexpected Error" (...details about what's causing the error)

Getting the “Unexpected Error” again today.

How can I provide details about what’s causing the error if it’s unexpected? I have no idea what’s causing it since the warning is so uselessly vague.


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Yes, I think Colonel Cathcart has been assigned to error message creation. A bit of circular reasoning afoot.


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Clearly they want to know what you were doing that caused this error.
What file did you upload, what were the details of the design, what parameters were you using etc…

Haha! Ok. Thanks.

Yeah. I can see how that couldn’t have been worded any better or provide more direction. There’s also no way that the application could provide info on what caused it to display that error or to provide a list of possible suspects. Redirecting or providing a link to a troubleshooting page is out of the question too. And of course the error is being caused by something I’m doing and not the application misfiring.

Too bad.

I once had a similar error years ago and reported that the cause was “my sneezing”.
Since that’s the last thing I did right before I got the error :slight_smile:


I’ve provoked this error pretty consistently and easily by signing into the app simultaneously on two different computers and doing stuff on each of them. For example, if I upload a design on one computer and then go to use it on another. Any chance something related is going on here?

I reliably get this error if I try to print again to soon after another print. If I keep re-trying, it goes away. Not perfect, “Please wait while post burn sequence finalizes” would be more appropriate techno babble.

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