Unexpected error on svg upload

I have look through related forum posts and simplified my svg, but I keep getting the unexpected error popup. Maybe one of the forum boffins could take a look to see what the problem is that I am missing. I had hoped to get this part and the rest cut on my glowforge this weekend. I have the rest of the parts to finish the project.
problemsvg.zip (20.4 KB)

Boffins! I like that! :smile:

Unfortunately your link isn’t linking. Try zipping the file first on your desktop, then drag and drop the zipped file into an open post.

I made a zip and that seemed to upload. Thanks for the tip.

Okay, the only problem is that your design is WAY off of the artboard… I copied everything onto a new 12" x 20" file and it opened just fine.

Having said that - you’ve also got a lot of overlapping vector paths in it (might be because of the way I copied it) but that might cause an issue with processing as well. Make sure individual components are laid out side by side.


Interesting. The faint designs in the background were deleted to simplify the file and I no longer see them in inkscape. I did have a 20x12 board and made it smaller to see if that might have been the problem. I should have put the design back on the board.
I usually run with a Linux workstation so Illustrator is not readily available.

Thanks for taking a look.

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Huh! I wonder if that’s a Linux bug - if you deleted them in Inkscape I would think they would be gone.

Might be something they should look at…but at least you can work around it for now. Just keep the files on the artboard - it can pick stuff up that’s just outside of the board, but not really far off. :slightly_smiling_face:


I popped it into AI and exported it back out no problem.


It loads into the GFUI with no issues and everything is a cut by default.


I have an older version of AI and it opens as a blank box.

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Just curious - what was the original file created in? Was it Inkscape? Was it post-processed in something else? The code looks unlike other Inkscape SVGs I’ve looked at and it pops up a ton of warnings and errors when validating the file.

It was created in the latest version of inkscape for Linux.
No post processing.

What did you use to validate the svg?

Sorry, I guess it’s not as far off as I thought it might be (from other plain SVG files created in Inkscape)

The validator I’ve seen recommended and used previously is:

One thing I’ve noticed are the extensive use of svg:symbols attributes. I know that :symbols is a grouping mechanism in SVG but don’t know that I’ve really seen it used and don’t know enough about Inkscape to know how symbols are used within the program (I know about Illustrator symbols concepts, but not sure if it’s the same concept in AI).

Just looking deeper into the file, I can also see that your box outlines are actually filled shapes - did you want those to be engraved? See the double outline in outline mode? And then when the border is selected it shows up as a fill?

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The yellow boxes are supposed to be engraved.
The rough circle with the bumpouts is a trace of the schematic for a switch cutout.
The panel with the fingers was made with the boxes.py website then saved. The rest was manual inkscape.

I have never had so many problems with getting a design to upload.

So the file I uploaded for you will let you adjust all of those settings. The yellow boxes can be engraves and the circle a score.

Edit: scratch that, the circle is the same color as the other holes and rectangular cutout.

It should load once you get the parts placed on the artboard and the excess background drawings and duplicate lines removed - is it still not loading?

Maybe it doesn’t like that Python script.

I got it to load into AI, I missed the tiny figure at the bottom.
I pasted it into a new board, however, the parts that I had deleted where not
there. I have AI CS3.
I have not tried to load it yet.

Okay, I’m sorry, I thought you were working in Inkscape.

What I would recommend is to stick with one program…either AI CS3 or Inkscape. Whichever one you are more comfortable with, but make sure you are running the most recent update of Inkscape on your computer. (It’s version 0.92 or later. )

If you have AI CS3, and you are familiar with it, go ahead and use it to fix up the file…delete any duplicate lines that you don’t want, make sure everything is copied in that you want, and change the color of any score lines to something different from the cut lines. Then use the instructions in the tutorial below to Save the SVG file.

Try to load that one and see if it still has issues. If it does, it might be something in that Boxes.py script. There are other box generators that might work better if that one causes a problem.

I started with a new svg output by boxes.py, separated into two separate files so that the parts would fit onto a 20x12 inch board and pasted in the shapes that I had made for the other design. These files worked perfectly. I think that part of the problem with the previous file was that I may have click object-to-path when everything was selected. That would explain how what should have been lines became filled objects. This does not explain the extra lines that you saw in AI or why it was so far off of the board.

Thanks for everyones input on this issue.


Glad you got it working! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the help in this thread, all. I’m glad to hear you were able to resolve this! I’m going to close this thread - if you run into any other trouble, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this, and happy printing!