Unicorn Box by Ivan Bilous

I love this box, want to make for my granddaughter, but it will not let me put all the pieces on the same design, it will only let me put them on individual designs. Am I doing something wrong?

You can’t make changes to catalog purchases, and you won’t be able to fit all of the pieces onto a single board, so the design is split so that acrylic is in one design and there are 3 pages of draftboard designs. You can still make maximum usage of your material, but you can’t have multiple sections of the file open at one time.


Thats disappointing. I realize the board would not be big enough, only if you have the pass through. you could still put them all in none design and just cut certain parts at a time by marking to ignore other parts in the design. Thank you for you input.

Once you have started cutting one of the elements of the design, you can open another tab with the next segments of the design and lay it out while the first part continues to print. You wouldn’t save much time arranging all of the pieces and setting some to ignore.


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