Unicorns and Braceletts

Yesterday I shared a process using laser printer transfers and a heat press. These are two of my better creations. I still need to tweek the heat press settings a bit, but over all I am quite happy with the results. I shared the unicorn ornament on my FB feed and numerous friends are asking me me make some for their daughters.

Thanks, Heidi


Really nice! I think you are the first here to explore that technique. :sunglasses:


i’m intrigued by this process! need to look into it more. thanks for sharing!


Those are fantastic!! Please keep us updated on future projects!


WOW!! They look AWESOME!!


(Not showing these to daughters or I will never have Glowforge to myself…)


This definitely looks like a way cheaper way to “print” onto acrylic. I’ve been looking into UV printing some stuff recently but the machines are so expensive and finicky… I’d love to see your process (if you don’t mind sharing :wink: )

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She describes it in this post:


Wow! Your work just amazes–I would really like to try that. I don’t have a heat press but I have access to a steam press that might work.

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I don’t think a steam press would work. In order to get the ink to transfer properly, your temperature needs to be precise and the steam would make the transfer paper too wet.


OH! Thank you!

Oh, you can turn off the steam. It just happens to go to a higher temperature than a regular iron. I don’t know how precise it is though. But I could stick a thermocouple in there…

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Stunning! I think you may have started a new trend. :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much! I’m in the process of making a few other ornament designs right now.

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Awesome Heidi! Curious about the cuff: did you create the curve yourself using PG acrylic? I work with metal cuff bracelets and have been curious about experimenting with acrylic on the GF. Thanks.

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Yes, I created the template myself. I have used both PG acrylic and scrap acrylic I’ve purchased from a local fabrication shop. I use a heat press to mold the acrylic.

Oh, this is cool…must have missed it the first time around. Nice job on the unicorn! :grinning:

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Appreciate the reply. Great work!

Heidi, did you transfer before cut for the unicorn or the other way around? Also, the bracelet, I assumed you took it out of heat press while it was warm and form the shape over a template? This is all so fascinating.

Hi Kim,

I transferred after the cut. Also, yes I formed the bracelet while it was still quite hot–I formed it over an old bed post.

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I bet this would work well with snapmarks. Print out a design with snaps. Transfer to a chunk of acrylic. Snapmarks to “print and cut”.


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