Unit going offline after nearly every job, just reset WiFi and still shows offline


The last few days my GF has been going offline intermittently–sometimes sets itself back to rights, sometimes power cycling could get it back online. I went through the wifi set up a couple times today and could reconnect it and was on-line for a bit, then it would go off-line again.

After reading another thread I’ve reset my gateway and devices, and now trying to reset my GF wifi again (was going to test the hotspot method with my phone).

But now my GF is not even sending out any signal for me to connect to during wifi set-up as it’s now showing “No internet, open” for my GF’s wifi, so I can’t even connect my PC to my GF & proceed with the set up. Seems to me this points to the GF wifi system failure, not my network…

What is the next step?

Which is it? No network to connect to, or a network that is warning you of “No internet, Open”?

That’s what it should always say. The GF isn’t providing internet, and it’s an open network.

Sorry if confused terms. my own network is fine, and present.
The Glowforge is not showing its wifi network to do the first step that is to connect my PC to the Glowforge’s wifi. (I had no problem with my original set up over a year ago, and a few times resetting it during the year when I changed my network name and had a new router, so it’s not the organic bits failing).

First thing this morning I powered up my GF, pressed the button until it was teal, and my PC was able to find the “Glowforge xxx-xxx” Wifi and connect immediately, so then could connect my GF to my home wifi per the setup. Huzzah.

But too early to make noise, so turned the unit back odd and will see if it will continue to work fine later, or as with previous days after powering on, may run for a bit then will go Offline on the GFUI (lost connection)…

And to note, my PC is one foot from my GF, and the wifi signal is 3-4 bars, and even had no issues when signal strength was only 1-2… And note more details of time when it happens…

Try changing your 2.4 GHz Channel. You may be getting interference from a neighbor on the same channel or by some device in your house. If you’re set to Auto, try something specific. Specifically try 1, 6, or 11. When you find one that works as expected, leave it that way.


Thanks Tom, will see if that helps.

No changes in my stuff, but a couple fairly new tenants in apts around me (closest is 60’ away). But have had speed/strength issues before with my wifi, but this weekend was the first time my GF has been affected. If don’t have issues during the week, it will help confirm it’s been holiday weekend and external issues, not the GF itself.

Worries me now for when my new basement tenant gets cable as Xfinity will need to add a splitter to the line at the box to connect to the apartment separate line from my cable line–or run a new line from the street for her… (whole house was rewired & cable internalized a couple years ago–last tenant didn’t get cable, so no test of this situation before. Glad for lots of plaster between us, though).

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Thanks for the answer @Tom_A , that’s right. I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for letting us know about this!