Unit on Fire!


Ok so little speed bump over here.
My new machine comes today. I was riding out the old machine figuring I could deal with the overheating issue and just cut flakes.

Well apparently I cant. Because this morning as I was cutting up. The machine blew up. Boom :boom:.

I would love to know if you guys have the video to this on file? Also what do I do now?

I was expecting on sending you guys back a working unit with the issues that we have addressed.

I need to know how this fire started please. Everything was perfect, honey comb pins. I was looking down on my laptop :man_technologist: minding my business and BOOM loud bang and it seemed to put it self out with the tube water.

Guys. How lucky am I that these things keep happening to me? :man_shrugging:

Yikes. It looks like it burned for a while before whatever popped finally popped. I’m glad it was contained and you and your house are safe!


Oh no!! So sorry to see this. Hope you can figure out what caused it.

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Tell me about it. I was sitting with the baby making flakes. Once it popped. I decided to get the baby out of the room first before handling the unit. As a firefighter, I monitored it and made sure I could get her to safety before handling this mess.

New machine is an hour away from me. I was going to pack this old unit up and ship back. Just want to make sure it’s known that this is now the condition of it.

Just not my luck with this laser company.

This is why you keep an eyeball on the project at all times. Not just most of the time. If it flares up, you open the top and put it out. Simple and takes a few seconds. If you are “making flakes” or “looking down on your laptop”… you aren’t watching the pew-pew thing that makes fire happen and something like this is quite possible.

I’m pretty sure they don’t have video of it. It’s not streaming video from the machine. I think they have an image when the lid closes and when it gets focused before the job starts. That’s likely it. They may have logs on their end of anything that might have happened, but they are quite unlikely to get the logs from the machine itself in that condition.

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I always watch the unit and have a wyze camera system installed. The unit had a previous problem of a pinched hose and the unit kept on over heating very quickly.
I put a sheet of flakes in and proceed to do my work. It took hours to get thru the whole sheet. I stop looking when the laser is in cool down mode. Nothing to see or to prevent anything from happening.

I was hoping they had film of this on file or can give me details on the log

I cleaned :sponge: night before because I knew it was going back today. :frowning:

I’m upset that this happened and of course it had too happens to me out especially with all then issues I have been having.

Glowforge sent a replacement that came just now. I was just using this old unit until the new one came.

I would like to know before using the new machine.

If I’m all clear to use it with no worries?
I will put the old one in box and ship out tomorrow.

Or if you don’t want me as a customer since I’m a constant complainer (over valid reasons). I have the box for the old one and can ship both to you if you would like to process a refund for me.

Im not even going to go into my usual rants about your company. I spoke with your executive on the phone. Just two days ago.
Hoping all would be good now.

But yet I’m stuck here again.having to report a fire in a unit. Please laugh like I’m doing. Because I can’t cry anymore over this machine.

I’m happy a new one has arrived. But concerned that this is just my future with you guys. New machine one after another…

I’m up and running with my Orion laser. So I’m not in too much of a hurry for answers from you guys.

So take your time and whenever you can. Let me know

Should I open new unit and set up because you love me so much and want to keep me as a customer for some strange reason
Or should I return for refund?

Leaving it up to you guys to decide.

Hopefully you guys can make the right decision for me please.


I’m so sorry to hear about the damage to your Glowforge.

Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll let you know.


Hope you are having a great day.

Please note. If I could of opened the lid- it would of been much less damage. At first I was a little stunned to my eyes and then when opening lid was melted a little tightly. I didn’t want to smash the glass. Fire went out on its own.

This happened during a snowflake sheet. 12 flakes would take 58min. But with the overheating. It was hours.

I’ve replied in our email thread and am closing this post accordingly.