UnOfficial Gallery of Glowforge Projects



Sorry, Photobucket has decided to shut this down.


Is there also a username required to view?


I’m not sure…this is my first time trying to share a password protected one.

You can’t see it?


There’s a notification that the album is private and the regular log in screen.


Yeah, I get the same message


It didnt ask for a password and said that there are no photos uploaded…:confused:


tried it and get the same


Okay try again…I had accidentally set it to “Private”.


it is now asking for a password.




Got it!


thats it.


thanks, i am in.


This is great, Jules! It’s actually astounding to see the huge number of things that have been made on a Glowforge. And this is only the beginning…


I’m surprised by the many projects I hadn’t seen before given that I read every post on the forum. At least, I thought I did. Thanks for the collection. It’s exciting.


Very nice! Thanks for putting this together.


So many things. Very cool to see. Thanks!


Great to see them all together in one place.
Might have to section them in the future…there will be so many coming soon…lol


Just great, now I’ll spend the rest of the night checking this out. :exclamation:


It’s not something I’m going to maintain…that would be impossible for one person to do.

We’ll need to get access to a gallery that lets people load their own pictures, with identifying information. Can’t do it in Photobucket.