Unscaled measurements in SVG and GF

Is there a quick answer to how unscaled SVG distances are translated into GF bed distances?

I use Sketch.App to generate layouts since I find it annoys me less than other apps. It does not have an option to set mm or inch units on the output, so positions and sizes come out as “20” instead of “3.5mm” or whatever.

What is the scale factor used? I have done some experiments and have a rough scaling factor but it would be nice to know exactly, or if it’s not actually a constant.

If this information is in a manual or FAQ I apologize, but a link would be good.

I think the problem with assuming any particular DPI is that it is subject to change. But if you can get it to output a 20" x 12" artboard, it may automatically get scaled properly (there’s a workaround where under some circumstances anything with a 5:3 ratio gets scaled to 20" x 12").

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Oh, oh oh, feature request: please have a REST or other API to retrieve from my GF the current wide camera image clipped to the 20:12 art board area.

I can then drop it in my editing App as my art board background and use it to position my cut relative to existing holes or edges in my material on the bed.

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I have to say I’m surprised the unscaled units would have a truly variable relationship with scaled units, unless they refer to e.g. LPI of the current cut. Do you have any references to this? Thanks!

No, and chances are you won’t run into any problems if you figure out what the scaling factor is and assume it will never change. Mine is more of a philosophical concern. The software engineer in me is bothered by any reliance on undefined behavior.


Haha. It can be defined if GF Inc say it is defined.

Isn’t it something like 72:96?(Assumed dpi)

Can you post a zip of an example SVG file that it outputs? That way we can look at the SVG code and see what it is putting into it.

Please post it as a Zip file since Discourse alters SVG files that are uploaded as SVGs.

It seems like 90px/inch or 42px/cm to me.

Could be. Hence the “like” to approximate it. :slight_smile:

Officially, we haven’t worked with that software, so we don’t have an answer.

Unofficially, right now, it can be 72, 90, or 96 dpi depending on the way your software creates the file. My understanding is that this could change in the future. You likely get your desired result by opening the file in Inkscape or Illustrator and re-saving it.