Unsure how to get solve timely materials shipping issue

I don’t want to be a complainer, but I am not sure what else to do besides post here. I ordered materials from GF on November 17. Received order confirmation right away. It’s Dec 4 and still no tracking info and no materials. These are crucial for me to have to prep products for my only holiday craft show which I set up for this Friday night-- three days from now. I emailed customer service 12 days in-- on Nov 29-- and got a pleasant message back recognizing my frustration and saying they’d check it out. Nothing back again, so I emailed support again on Dec 2, and got another pleasant message saying they’d check. I’m at a loss. I’ve ordered many times before and gotten materials promptly. I get that it’s holidays and they’re on a learning curve in terms of scaled up demand-- but what do I do? I desperately need the additional material-- and based on past performance, a Nov 17 order should have given adequate time to receive it, even factoring in a few extra days for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I’m having the same problem. I also ordered a bunch of material on the 17th, and haven’t heard anything about it since, which is worrying me because I’m supposed to be using it for a school project that’s due in 2 weeks.

Ditto. It seems like orders on or about that day got lost. I have one as well from November 17th. Two others placed after it have shipped.

Yikes-- sorry you guys are going through the same thing. I am super hoping staff can see this and get an express mailed package to me tomorrow. I don’t think it’s asking too much since it’s been so long and I’ve followed up twice and still had no resolution.

Unfortunately that’s extremely unlikely. They’ve not done that in the past to my knowledge and they’re not likely to see this thread in time anyway. Your best bet is likely to find a local supplier like Woodcraft and go buy it today - even if you have to finish it yourself you have a chance. Or see if what you need is available from Amazon with next day shipping.

It looks like some sort of lost order thing happened because others of us have gotten orders placed after yours. I got a big box of stuff about a week after placing the order on Thanksgiving weekend.

I placed an order on 11/15 - no confirmation from GF. I ended up sending increasingly angry emails in order to get any answers. My order did finally show up on 12/2. I hope yours does as well.

Well, I guess I am happy that I am not alone and sad that it is occurring. Ordered on Nov. 18th, no product yet. Placed 2 more orders since, but have not received them either.

I received my order from the end of November quickly. I’m wondering if there was a delay in receiving specific materials on their end and it pushed certain orders out. It doesn’t help at all, and having no communication would drive me crazy, so I’m just speculating. I agree that they need to get on top of this particular issue.

This may interest you and @amandamedmonds - seems to be the same time frame?


Thank you

@amandamedmonds I’ve just followed up to your email with more information. I’m so sorry for the inconvenience and the frustrating experience. We’re working to sort this out and thank you for your continued patience.