Update: Customer service Glowforge pro

Maybe someone remembers:

and then

But apparently now after three and a half months I’m finally getting a replacement machine delivered.

on the 7th of this month I asked for an update on when the machine would be delivered. And today I got

have just checked back into your order and it is scheduled to deliver on Thursday, December 16.

Now I won’t be around to check this machine until late january (pandemic lockdown could move this back into beginning of january) because of holiday and work.

In the meantime I received one $200 and one $100 gift certificate which I can only really sell to a US member as shipping cost + import kills all from outside the EU. (if you are looking to buy a code hit me up!)

fingers crossed tomorrows machine delivers precision again.


They started shipping from a distributor within the UK…in the last 6 months, let me see if I can dig up the announcement. Yup - just last November: